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A message from Ian Williams:

This little piece of software has been developed as a result of all the masses of requests I have received over the past several years, asking me to develop some kind of "trading tool" that could reduce the amount of time needed to conduct the necessary research to find viable trading opportunities.

You'll have realised (if you have read my publisher's letter about Market Raider Plus) that I spent a fair old while resisting his repeated requests to develop a piece of trading software - but eventually I relented when it became clear that so many people wanted to trade but just didn't have the necessary time to devote to the "learning process".

I insisted however, that Market Raider Plus subscribers also be given access to my written course ("Swoop and Scoop") so that - if you have the time and inclination - you can see the basis of my own particular approach to Forex trading. In that manual you'll also find information about the two main ways you can open Forex trades. Please note that you MUST read AT LEAST Sections Four to Six of the "Swoop & Scoop" manual enclosed with this pack - obviously it would be preferable if you read the whole thing - but if you are a bit pressed for time then the only ESSENTIAL reading are Sections Four thru Six. Without that information, if you're new to Forex trading then you simply won't understand how actual trades are priced and how you go about opening one. Obviously if you're NOT a total beginner, you'll already be well aware of the detail contained in these sections.

Please note too that this Market Raider Plus software package is exactly that - software! The signals will appear on an irregular basis and it's then up to YOU whether or not to act on them. The best way to do so, is to load your preferred broker or spread bet provider's trading platform (see Sections Four thru Six of the Swoop & Scoop manual as noted above) on to half your monitor, and run the Market Raider Plus program on the other half. That way you'll not only see the "buy", "sell" and "stop loss" signals, but you'll then be able to manage any trades you decide to open, via the actual trading platform of your choice. Obviously, it's essential to have read and acted upon the "Installation" instructions that are enclosed with your CD - once you have done all of that and configured the resulting charts to suit your preferences - and opened a trading account - you're ready to go!